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Owners of any earlier version of Bus Hound can upgrade securely to version 6.0 at half the purchase price.  Upon purchase, the new version is instantly available for download. Please contact sales@perisoft.net if you have any special ordering needs.
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Version 6 Features

  • Supports Vista, Windows 7 - 10 and Server 2008 - 2019
  • Displays ATA-8 commands
  • Displays extra Bluetooth protocol
  • Send ATA DMA commands
  • Displays SPC4 SCSI commands
  • Split log files into segments

Version 5 Features

  • Build and submit your own commands. The data transfers can be saved or loaded from a binary file. You can even access the hardware at the port I/O level.

    SCSI: send CDB's or reset the SCSI bus

    IDE/SATA/ATAPI: send ATA task file commands.

    USB: send control, bulk, interrupt, or isochronous transfers. Simulate hot plug, reset a pipe or port.

    FireWire: perform asynchronous transfers and bus resets.
  • Supports serial port, parallel port, ps/2 mice, and ps/2 keyboards
  • Display the driver that submitted each command complete with filtering. You can view individual driver details including the version and product it came from.
  • Automatically capture data for hot plugged devices instead of needing to wait for them to appear. Capture additional USB enumeration packets.
  • Log the system date and time with each command
  • Site license: append to files
  • Select any combination of columns to display
  • Captures additional ATA commands under Server 2003. Displays descriptions of ATA-7 commands.
  • Device properties displays device serial number, USB pipe details, USB 2.0 hi-speed indicator, FireWire node + bus id + bus speed.
  • Detects devices even if device manager marks them with a problem or as unknown.
  • More product help
  • Fixes field problems reported by customers

screen shot demonstrating the new Bus Commander tool sending an inquiry command.